Kitemark™ approved bodyshops offer quality, safety and trust for vehicle damage repair

Whether it’s a cosmetic or structural repair, choose a Kitemark™ approved bodyshop for a professional service which offers you:

  • Skilled repairs using the best equipment and materials
  • Real expertise through highly trained technicians and latest repair methods
  • A standard approved by all major insurance companies
  • Quality maintained through unannounced inspections


98% of drivers said that they would feel more comfortable if the repair centre had BSI’s vehicle damage repair Kitemark™. Our equipment is state of the art and compliant with all current regulations and our highly qualified staff are strictly vetted to ensure that our customers can have 100% confidence in their car after a repair


A staggering 94% of vehicle owners support unannounced inspections to make sure garage standards remain high.



SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY! 100% of drivers asked said that they wanted to feel safe whilst driving. Almost a third of respondents worried about the safety of their vehicle after it had been repaired. Failure of a bodyshop to adopt the correct repair method could in certain cases seriously affect the vehicles integrity in the way it may perform in the event of an accident. We have a 100% track record of delivering safety and quality.

Kitemark and Safety

“Having your car repaired by a Kitemark bodyshop could help save your life. The Kitemark is there to show the motorist that the highest standards of repair have been applied to your vehicle. It means that the actual repair has been done safely, using the right materials and by skilled technicians so that your car offers you the same protection as it did before your accident. Kitemark bodyshops are serious about the safety of motorists.”

– Quentin Willson, Supports Kitemark Bodyshops